Carol Wolff

PosiDyne Group
VP of Marketing
Westminster, CO
The PosiDyne Group is a consulting and training firm specializing in helping business professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, salespeople, introverts, futurists, action-takers, leaders and their multi-generational organizations rapidly increase their revenue through the use of a revolutionary communications model that allows prospects to discover that it is in their best interest to BUY instead of being "sold".

The PosiDyne Process complements other marketing, advertising, sales and networking efforts. By achieving greater revenue results in less time, work/life blend is enhanced as people create the lives they love!

We serve people who are dissatisfied with their revenue and want to attain a new level of success OR who are doing well and want to accelerate growth OR who are struggling and want to "turn the corner". Our "Ideal Candidate" who exhibit some combination of the following characteristics:

o Not Enough New Clients?

o Sales Cycles Too Long?

o Doing Too Much Unpaid Consulting?

o Spending Too Much Time on "Suspects" & Not Enough with Prospects"?

o Can't Get a Decision?

o Low Morale & Production of Sales Staff?

o "Call Reluctance" Issues?

o Client Acquisition Costs Too High?