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Monday, September 30


The Heart of Things: Growing Without Losing Sight of Your Purpose
Limited Capacity seats available

What's next? Where are we going? We never thought we would be here, ready to grow and expand - but we are! What an exciting place to be! Often though, when we get to this point of transitioning into the next phase of our business, we aren't sure HOW to do it. We can very easily be so overwhelmed with the pressing needs of today that we skirt the strategy and put our heads down and hope it all turns out ok. This interactive session will allow participants to explore the heart of their work whether they are strict freelancers growing their individual business or looking to expand the concept to serve a broader population. It will help them better understand their goals, how to know what is worth pursuing and what is not, and come away with fresh energy to tackle the path ahead of them.

avatar for Taryn Davis

Taryn Davis

tbd strategies
With a background in Library & Information Science, Continuous Improvement, and Lean Manufacturing Principles, Taryn Davis is a pioneer in organizational development looking to assist growing enterprises in retaining their true north as they come up against the wonderful difficulties... Read More →

Monday September 30, 2019 4:00pm - 5:30pm
CO Lending Source 1441 18th Street, Suite 100 Denver, Colorado 80203
Tuesday, October 1


How to Engage Clients Using Interactive Video Techniques for Increased Profits
Limited Capacity seats available

Many ways are available to help find and connect targets with those who will be your clients. The challenge is how to find them using low cost tools and platforms as well as tell your story to engage with them by utilizing Video Storytellling.  Video is growing and so should you with more clients knowing what, why and how you do your best work.

You will leave with practical tools and techniques to start growing your clients base and profits.

avatar for Louie Feher-Peiker

Louie Feher-Peiker

President, PowerfulMarketers.com
Having received a BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering was just the first step in my education. Having spent 35+ years in software development, big data solutions and analysis, hospitality, training and distance learning and video, I found that was all leading up to now.During... Read More →

Tuesday October 1, 2019 11:45am - 12:30pm
PS Design 2921 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205, USA


How YouTube and Blogging Can Grow Profits and Influence
Limited Capacity seats available

In this interactive session, I teach how I turned a local auto mechanic in Denver into an international influencer who now runs the largest auto mechanic shop in the USA right here in Greenwood Village.

You will learn how to improve your content and inbound marketing creating.

Then, you will learn the secrets of Local SEO, YouTube optimization, and how to reverse engineer what your ideal client or customers’ needs to create more influence, profits and business growth than you ever imagined possible.

Be sure to put this powerful session on your schedule and bring your biggest frustrations in Digital Marketing to the table.

avatar for Darrell Stern

Darrell Stern

Digital Marketing Jedi, Stern Marketing
Stern Storming Live – There is influence inside YOU!A 90-Minute WorkshopDarrell Stern is known worldwide as the Digital Marketing JediIn this powerful Stern Storming Live workshop, Mr. Stern will teach you how his agency grew a local Denver Native’s auto mechanic shop to the largest... Read More →

Tuesday October 1, 2019 2:00pm - 3:30pm
PS Design 2921 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205, USA


Ebook Magic With Calibre
Limited Capacity seats available

Being a thought leader in your space can earn you more business.  Have you thought about writing ebooks to share your expertise and perspective?

In this session you'll learn about open-source software tool Calibre. Calibre serves as my ebook library and reader, and it also allows me to use my preferred tool for writing my ebooks, then converts them to a format optimal for amazon.com. I will show people how I use Calibre, and introduce them to some of its other capabilities.

avatar for Tom W Hartung

Tom W Hartung

Solopreneur, JooMoo WebSites LLC
I have an Interdisciplinary Masters Degree, many years of technical experience, and currently enjoy drawing images of personalities.

Tuesday October 1, 2019 4:00pm - 4:45pm
PS Design 2921 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205, USA
Wednesday, October 2


Diversity 101: Biases in the Workplace
Limited Capacity seats available

We know that diverse teams are more profitable, creative and outperform non-diverse teams, but why is it so hard to hire and retain diversity? In many cases, our personal biases can create unintentional barriers for the very people we are seeking. Come learn easy strategies to create big changes!

Jump into interactive activities that will build your knowledge of inclusive hiring practices, biases and self awareness. Listen and share your perspectives, you’ll leave this session equipped with concrete resources, solutions to hire effectively, diversify your staff, and create a more inclusive team.

We specialize in creating engaging learning environments for all our participants. Our workshop will encompass a variety of interactive activities that will test participants knowledge of inclusive hiring practices, biases and self awareness. In addition, participants will have multiple opportunities to share their different perspectives during small and large group discussions.

Get Ready! This will not be like any other training you have attended!

avatar for Mo Abdullah

Mo Abdullah

Mariam (Mo) Abdullah is the Founder of Culture Energized and an experienced certified trainer and entrepreneur. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Mo has worked with over 60 schools and organizations across the U.S in creating positive culture through professional development trainings... Read More →

Wednesday October 2, 2019 9:00am - 10:30am
Charley Co 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO, 80216


Processes Will Save Your Sanity
Limited Capacity full
Adding this to your schedule will put you on the waitlist.

As freelancers, we simply don't have the time or resources that full-service agencies have. Don't reinvent the wheel for every new inquiry, proposal and project. Instead, learn to create a repeatable process for every single thing that you do to streamline your services. Confidently guide your clients through so they build trust in your authority and make your freelance gig run like a real business. 

We'll be going over why processes are so important, how to create processes by mapping out your client's journey, and give a real walkthrough of the processes I use for inquiries and consultations.

avatar for Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson

Six Leaf Design
Lindsey Anderson has been pushing pixels as a graphic + web designer for over 10 years (back in the days when every website was coded from scratch by a developer). She started her freelance business Six Leaf Design in 2013 after going from college → internship → agency life. Lindsey's... Read More →

Wednesday October 2, 2019 11:00am - 11:45am
Charley Co 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO, 80216


How to Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants
Limited Capacity seats available

My business grew to six figures as a direct result of hiring virtual assistants to help me chip away at projects, do research, and help with various administrative tasks. During this session, you'll learn:

- Reasons why the costs associated with hiring a virtual assistant provide a good ROI
- How virtual assistants should be classified in terms of employment for tax purposes
- Where virtual assistants hang out online
- Tasks to delegate to your virtual assistant
- The basics of successful delegation
- Useful tools & resources to work together

avatar for Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman

Founder, The Blogsmith
Maddy Osman is an SEO Content Strategist who works with clients like AAA, Automattic, Kinsta, and Sprout Social. Her background in WordPress web design contributes to a well-rounded understanding of SEO and how to connect brands to relevant search prospects. Learn more about her process... Read More →

Wednesday October 2, 2019 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Enterprise 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205


The Hybrid Retainer: How to Escape the Cycle of Feast & Famine
Limited Capacity filling up

"The big months are great, but I’m always anxious because I don’t know what’s coming next."

We've all been there – but freelancing doesn't have to be a roller-coaster ride. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a persuasive, profitable retainer offer that will allow you to escape the rat race and build a business with consistent, predictable, recurring revenue – while doing work you enjoy and building healthy relationships with Clients For Life. You'll walk away with the key components, customized for your business, and a complete Hybrid Retainer proposal template so you can make a compelling retainer pitch to a client right away.

avatar for Rob Howard

Rob Howard

I'm Rob Howard, the founder of Howard Development & Consulting and creator of the "Automate Your Freelancing" mentorship program. My businesses have been featured in Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Entertainment Weekly, Quartz, TechCrunch and Ramit Sethi's GrowthLab. My clients... Read More →

Wednesday October 2, 2019 2:45pm - 3:30pm
Enterprise 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205
Thursday, October 3


Expand Your Business Through Learning from Your Clients
Limited Capacity seats available

Your clients are telling you what else you could do that would provide value for them. Are you listening? Learn how to use Design Thinking to expand your business by listening to your customers and providing more value.

avatar for Eric Morrow

Eric Morrow

Eric Morrow is a design thinking facilitator with Staircase Strategy. Staircase is a collective of facilitators who use design thinking methods and mindsets to work with teams solving for complex human problems. Eric has facilitated with many kinds of organizations, including tech... Read More →

Thursday October 3, 2019 9:00am - 10:30am
Enterprise 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205


The One Thing All Freelancers MUST Have - Brand Messaging Workshop
Limited Capacity seats available

The most successful freelancers are able to stand out among thousands of others in a similar field. They are narrowly focused, crystal clear and concise on how they explain what they do, for who and why. During this session, you’ll craft that magical one-liner brand positioning statement which will become the foundation of your brand messaging and pitch. It will attract and captivate your perfect client, set you apart from others, help you connect with the right partners and…drive revenue!

avatar for Olivia Omega

Olivia Omega

Co-Founder, Brand Strategist, Wallace Marketing Group
As an independent branding consultant and TEDx speaker, Olivia Omega Wallace is also the Co-Founder of Wallace Marketing Group and the author of Beautifully Branded: The Girl’s Guide to Understanding the Anatomy of Brand You. She encourages creative entrepreneurs to walk in their... Read More →

Thursday October 3, 2019 9:00am - 10:30am
Galvanize Platte 1644 Platte Street Denver CO 80202


Collaboration and Connection - Subcontracting to Build a "Virtual Agency"
Limited Capacity seats available

Let's talk about how to land bigger jobs with a team of subcontractors. We'll discuss how to manage the workflow, subcontractor agreements and relationships, budgets, and communication with a virtual team. You can expect to take away information about project management systems, sample agreements, and ideas on how to communicate with both client and contractors. A casual format provides the opportunity to discuss relatable real-life anecdotes and tackle attendee questions.

avatar for Diana  Merkel

Diana Merkel

Diana has over 15 years of experience as owner and creative director of PS.Design. Her passion lies in creating strong relationships with clients that goes beyond meeting deadlines and doing great work—she feels that building a deep understanding of goals, pain points and brand... Read More →

Thursday October 3, 2019 9:45am - 10:30am
Craft Coworking 2590 Welton Street, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80205


$6k to $56k: A Retirement Plan that Works for Your Business
Limited Capacity seats available

Retirement planning doesn't sound sexy, but it should be top of mind for every freelancer. Without corporate benefits to prop up your savings, it is absolutely essential to know what your options are. The quickest route to financial independence is getting started today!

avatar for Elizabeth Windisch

Elizabeth Windisch

Financial Adviser, Aspen Wealth Management
Liz Windisch, CFP® has been guiding women towards mastering their finances since 2004. Everyone's dreams are different; Liz helps her clients pursue theirs through education and direction.

Thursday October 3, 2019 2:45pm - 3:30pm
Galvanize Platte 1644 Platte Street Denver CO 80202


Marketing, Branding and Creating for a More Inclusive Future
Limited Capacity seats available

“Marketing, branding and creating for a more inclusive future” will cover important topics like keeping inclusivity in mind as a designer, why micro-aggressions and tokenism are damaging, and why pronouns and correct language are crucial in marketing. We’ll also cover some inclusive marketing campaigns currently circulating in our world, and how successful they’ve been in centering marginalized folks effectively.

avatar for Niki Robins

Niki Robins

Co-Founder + Content Director, Spectacle Marketing
Niki Robins is a content creator + collaborator who believes in authentic, lasting community building. She is currently the co-founder and Content Director of Spectacle, an inclusive content marketing agency based in Denver. Niki’s experience with community building and management... Read More →

Thursday October 3, 2019 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Galvanize Platte 1644 Platte Street Denver CO 80202